The Blade Shield attaches to your wiper blade and applies pressure to the
affected area. This pressure prevents debris, ice, leaves, pine needles and
other natural detritus from accumulating at the interface of
the windshield and wiper blade.

Traditional wiper blades can become defective easily.
The small strip of rubber insideyour wiper blade can
become damaged easily, making it
unsafe for driving.

The Blade Shield's compact design allows you to
apply it directly onto anypoint of the
wiper blade, protecting the strip
of rubber underneath.

When ready to use The Blade Shield safely insert it onto an open area on your wiper
blade. After you are ready to start your car simply remove The BladeShield
by pulling on the suction tab. It fits easily inside your glove
compartment or any compartment inside your car.

The Blade Shield includes a rear safety bolt that rests on your windshield and

locks your wiper blades. This creates a locking effect and prevents individuals
from placing unsolicited coupons, advertisements, promotional flyers, or other
unwanted literature under the windshield wipers of unattended vehicles.

With Blade Shield
Highly visible protection
Peace of mind
Wiper blade protection
Streak free windshield
Stops pesky material from appearing on your car
Enhances the appearance of your car
Without Blade Shield
Easy access for marketing
Endless aggravation
Decreasing effectiveness
No improvement on wiper blade efficiency
Open target for predatory behavior
No change in appearance or design