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Where is the best position to attach it to my wiper blades?
The Blade Shield™ is designed to attach at any position on the wiper blade.
Most people tend to put it on the end of the wiper blade to make it more secure.

How do I attach The BladeShield?
The Blade Shield™ has a suction mounted attachment underneath the shroud.
You simply find an appropriate spot and mount The Blade Shield™ on the wiper blade.
For added force, there is a fastening knob to secure it onto the windshield.

How do I remove The Blade Shield™?
The Blade Shield™ can be removed in two ways. When you start your car you can turn on
the windshield and the product will naturally come off. Alternatively you can pull up on
the side tab and remove them individually. You must remove
The Blade Shield™ every time you start your car.

Does The Blade Shield™ really work?
It works by applying pressure to the blade to ensure that nothing gets trapped
underneath. Not snow, debris, ice, dirt, or pine straw that can damage your wiper
blades. Over time you will notice no streaking, smearing, or screeching sound
your wiper blades work. Best of all it locks your wiper blades so no one can lift it
up and insert any unwanted material on your car.

Can I drive with The Blade Shield™ on?
The Blade Shield™ is for parked cars only.

Where do I keep them while I'm not using them?
The Blade Shield™ is designed to fit in your glove compartment when not in use.
It can also be stored in a variety of places. Drink holder, under the seat,
passenger cupboard, etc.

Are there reports of theft from Blade Shield™ users?
Although the treat is real, thankfully we haven't had complaints from users of people
stealing these off their car.

How many can fit on a wiper blade?
The Blade Shield™ comes in a pack of two. However it is possible to put as many as you
would like on your wiper blade. We have been able to put as many as five on a single
wiper blade.
We do recommend using more than one per blade to give you the added benefit of
locking your blade when you park.
More Blade Shields per wiper can increase their effectiveness. 

Where can I buy The Blade Shield™?
The best place is to buy an authentic Blade Shield™ directly from this website.
Please note that some retailers carry The Blade Shield™ on an order-only basis.
For this reason we ask that you call your local retailer and ask if they have T
he Blade Shield™ in stock before visiting.

Do you have a return policy?
Absolutely. The Blade Shield™ comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.
Please see the returns section for details on how to return your package.

Can I have The Blade Shield™ shipped internationally?
Of course. Please allow a minimum of one week for shipping of international packages.
We offer a variety of shipping times for international shipping.
When you check out please