We don't need to
fix the wiper blade.

We need to make
them smarter.

Windshield blades are not something that most drivers think about… until, that is, you are in a driving rainstorm and they are worn out and you can barely see in front of you.

That's the idea behind The Blade Shield™. It is made to Protect your Wiper Blade Performance.

Under this innovative new model, drivers can simply attach onto their wiper blades a locking mechanism that prevents something with interfering with their wiper blade performance. So people can drive off with a peace of mind they never had.

There is a challenge our company had.

We set out to find the perfect way to prevent any warping or deterioration
of your vehicle.
After nearly three years of research and development we have found the
perfect solution. We created an attaching device that can improve the
quality of your wiper blade.

To see how The Blade Shield™ is the ultimate improvement
for your car, pre-order one below.

We didn't invent the wiper blade. We just made it more.