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The Blade Shield™ is designed to fit easily and safely. Keep it safe and it
will last a lifetime. Just attach it, leave it, and enjoy.
Everyone will love your new car feature.


You can store it anywhere.
In the glovebox / Under The Drivers seat / In a cup holder / Inside the trunk

Best positions on a wiper blade

  • Two on each blade at the tip
  • One on every blade at the center
  • Four per blade to add some cosmetic flair

Parking is a major part of owning a vehicle. From driving around to finding that
perfect spot, you will want to protect your wiper blades from being hit with
anything unwanted. It's the greatest thing you'll ever see on a car.
Here Are a Few Ideal Parking Conditions

Dry Glass Preferred / Clean Glass works best
Try to avoid conditions where the suction won't hold

World's Most Effective Auto Feature